[PlanetCCRMA] low latency with delta 1010

Tom Burdick tom.burdick@rcn.com
Sat Jul 31 00:26:01 2004

I've noticed very inconsistent latency issues with my delta 1010lt card, 
I'll be at 21ms (by no means "ultra low") according to qjackctl and 
still recieve xruns, while running RT, 48000khz, 16bit audio, with 
hardware meters and low latency patch enabled (this is on a dual athlon 
box). I can get this baby down to about 3ms with asio :-( Is there some 
way to improve this situation? is it not a fault of the card or 
software, but perhaps attributed to redhat somehow? (I've never been a 
big fan... sorry)