[PlanetCCRMA] Getting sound to work in Rosegarden-4

jsdey@optonline.net jsdey@optonline.net
Wed Jul 21 18:23:01 2004

Hi Shelagh:

I didn't go far enough explaining my set up.  I have a  SBLive sound 
card.  I tried the -iA option
in timidity and it said the option was not compiled in.  I can play 
midi file from timidity though.  Thanks for
your help.  Maybe someone else will have some additional suggestions.  
Still no sound from Rosegarden.


On Jul 21, 2004, at 6:08 PM, Shelagh wrote:

> As I had a similar problem a few weeks ago, I thought I'd let you know 
> what
> my solution was. The symptoms you describe are as if your sound card 
> is somethng
>  like the SB128 or some other soundcard which does not have onboard 
> midi wavw table
> This means that you wil need to run Qsynth to load the sound fonts as 
> a separate
> process. In windows the soft synth comes as part of the operating 
> system, but Linux
>  does not have this. You nees to load a soft synth such as Timidity 
> (using the -iA flags ) or
> qsynth. One cavet, if your computer is slow (like mine) you might have 
> to get another sound card
> which does have onboard midi. eg SBLive! or a proper midi card such as 
> the M-audio series.
> Slow computers can't run Jack, Qsynth and rosegarden at the same time. 
> 800mz and above should
> be all right
> Hope this is useful to you.
> Shelagh
> On Wed, 21 Jul 2004 15:28:57 -0400, <jsdey@optonline.net> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am running RHC1 kernal patches and alsa installed.  I am letting 
>> rosegarden start jackd which it does.
>> I used the same parameters that comes with the stock installation 
>> except the I needed to change the
>> directory to point to jackd.  I cannot get the sound to play back 
>> from rosegarden although the bar passes over the score.
>> I did run
>> ecasound -f:32,1,48000 -i null -o jack_alsa,myport -b:1024 
>> -el:sine_fcac,440,1 from the shell and that works.
>> I can export a file in midi and play it externally using timidity.  
>> Any thoughts on how I might proceed running
>> down the  problem will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks
>> John
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