[PlanetCCRMA] Size Mismatch Problem

Andrew Wilson djazz@myrealbox.com
Mon Jul 19 02:11:01 2004

Hi all,

I am a long time (and very satisfied) CCRMA user.  Thanks guys!

I have upgraded to Fedora 2 and ever since the upgrade have been seeing a number of problems synchronizing with the repository.  Now I understand the the core 2 stuff is alpha, however I was assuming that the basic apt-get stuff should still be working.

On doing an "apt-get update", the files:


fail to download with a "Size Mismatch" error.  I left it for a while to see if it was a temporary error due to a repository update etc.  However I have been getting the error for a couple of weeks now. 

I am running version 0.5.15cnc6 for apt-get, I have updated my apt.conf and sources.list a couple of times (just in case I missed something).

Today because I needed an update, I just used wget to fetch the missing files and manually copied accross to the /var/state/apt/lists directory.  The resulting apt-get install worked fine.

I assume that I have broken my configuration somehow but can't work out where. Anyone have any ideas?