[PlanetCCRMA] Hardware question

Björn Elenfors bjorn.elenfors@esdg.se
Fri Jul 16 10:13:02 2004

Hi again!

Is this the right forum for this question?  if not, please
tell me where to ask. :-)

Since discovering that CCRMA works fine for me I've decided
to get a new computer.  I'm looking towards a Athlon solution
which leaves me with three choices of motherboards: based
on VIA chipsets, nVidia and SIS.

The VIA boards are not recommended on 

The nVidia chipsets are said to be "non kosher" in the Linux
community due to binary only drivers and low offical support for

Nobody seems to know SiS under Linux.

What do you guys run? 

Are the VIA experiences based on old and low-level cards and
more modern cards such as the Asus A7V600 working better?