[PlanetCCRMA] Poeple using Linux audio Tools in PQ

Luc Tanguay lucus@sympatico.ca
Thu Jul 15 21:16:01 2004

Allo sonar,

yes I do.  I'm using Rosegarden-4 these days to learn a Michel Rivard's 
song by writing it in MIDI.  Not yet complete but I have the basic 
structure of the piece (most chords are there, fragments of the 
melody).  Also using Sweep to play the piece while I'm trying to 
transposite into MIDI.   Last night, I connected Rosegarden to Hydrogen 
(with qjackctl) to see if I could use better drum sounds.  It works.

I've been involved with Soundtracker dev (added the MIDI input stuff).  
I've used Cinelerra to create mini-movie from digital camera.  Since my 
camera cannot record sound, I use a tape recorder to record the sound 
then later mix video and audio in cinelerra.  But these days cinelerra 
is not working on my system.  I like to use the Qamix mixer since I can 
customize it.  I would very much like get deepder into Ardour but I 
can't find the time.

So many wonderful apps and so little time to use them...

Luc Tanguay

sonar a écrit :

> Hi all,
> I´m searching for poeple living in the province of Québec and using 
> Linux-audio-tools. Is there any on the planet-list? I would like to 
> get in touch with you guy´s. I´m working on a project for presenting 
> open-source audio at l´Université Laval in Québec next fall.
> Thanx and sorry for being a little off topic!
> Salut,
> Eric,
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