[PlanetCCRMA] Nebie question Installation problems... Apt-get update always times out

rodney rodney@atr.co.jp
Thu Jul 15 15:11:01 2004

Hi all, 

I am trying to get the planet running on a Dell M50 laptop. I have installed
fedora core 1 from the images on the planet web site and heve installed apt
off the cd. Running 'apt-get update' gets no result.

So far I have tried with the ircam mirror and the stanford site by editing
the sources.list file.

It tries for 15 minutes then gives up.
I guess I'll install everything from the CD images and see how that goes.

Also, I couldn't get fedora's update wizard to connect or download anything
(I mean the one that comes up when you click the checkmark to the bottom
right of the desktop on the toolbar).

We have a proxy for http. I set this as the proxy in Fedora's proxy tool. Is
there some other place I should be editng or changing to make this work? 

Is there some other spot where our lab's firewall might be blocking
necessary stuff?

This is my first unassisted linux install, so please forgive my iggerance.


Rodney Berry
ATR Media Information Science Laboratories
Kyoto Japan
Ph:   +81-774-95-1449
Fax:  +81-774-95-1408