[PlanetCCRMA] General processing ?

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Thu Jul 15 12:56:00 2004

R Parker wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> I've got one of the Waves packages but it's for Mac.
> Despite Waves being very nice stuff, I don't care that
> much about it.
> I know there's two VST solutions and don't know
> anything about either of them with one obscure
> exception. I read a comment from Paul Davis that
> basically claimed VSTi's can run in the VST solution
> that he worked on...the exception being
> Waves...however, "we know how to fix Waves."
> Hell, toss Davis a bone and see if he'll bite.
> ron

    I think that I should have thought about all of this more deeply 
before I wrote the first message. For kicks, but quite a while ago, I 
tried installing the Waves stuff under Wine. It didn't install then. I 
don't know if it will install now.

    For me this is not a huge problem. I know where things are in the 
Waves packages, so if I wanted to move all the plugs over I probably 
could, but I think that it wouldn't be legal under their license to run 
them on two machines, so except for testing it's not likely to make much 
difference really.

    As for the VST thing, I do see that the development community has 
made great headway with both vst_server and jack_vst. (Forgive me if I 
got the names at all wrong, but those are the names in my head.) Anyway, 
I've tried the vst_server solution and it worked for stuff that was 
marked as working (no surprise) but didn't work for the VSTi that I 
wanted to use. (Groove Agent) I don't remember the problem I had with 
jack_vst, but probably it was just another bone-head, 'Mark ain't a 
programmer, this thing ain't packaged yet' sort of problem. When it 
shows up with a Gentoo ebuild I'll certainly ry it again.

    I don't know that what Paul has isn't based on this same stuff, but 
I'd be surprised if it isn't the jack_vst stuff. Maybe I should try 
Ardour again just to compare its current state with Pro Tools. It's been 
awhile since I gave up. (Due to the HDSP9652 not working as well as my 
001/002 Rack solutions - not really because of Ardour.)

    I also think that one problem with the VST stuff a month or two ago 
was that Kjetil required (as much as a README can force you to do 
something) that I had to use a different version of Wine than the newer 
one I use for games and stuff. (Through an ebuild again) Again, I don't 
know how to manage multiple versions of Wine so it was difficult to go 
very far with all of that.

    So, long story made longer, I expect that there may be a way to run 
Waves today, if it's going to work, and if it isn't going to work then 
probably no one will be interested in supporting it, so.....

...sorry for wasting all this bandwidth. ;-) (Heck, it's free, right?!)