[PlanetCCRMA] OT: RHFC2 installation bug

Mikael Konttinen micken@home.se
Wed Jul 7 08:38:01 2004

Hello all, 

I tried installing Fedora Core 2 instead as FC1 crashed constantly on my
nForce 2 chipset. FC2 with Planet CCRMA 2.6.7 and ALSA seems to be
stable and work fine with sound and network. Installed nVidia graphics
drivers and they to seem to work, with hardware 3d acceleration and
all.  But, a few questions... 

First, how do I install the sources for PCCRMA? I can't find a 2.6.7
kernel source package with apt-shell search and do not succeed in
extracting the planetccrma-core-2004.06.17-1.src.rpm properly.

Second, and more important for the moment. I was affected by the Fedora
2 installation hard disk allocation tables bug and can't recover my
Windows XP into booting condition. I've tried switching disk access mode
to LBA and even LARGE and followed the instructions on
http://lwn.net/Articles/86835/ both with -H255 and -H240. No change no
matter what I try. 

What happens is the following: 
Grub works fine. 
Windows NT bootloader seems to work fine, and I can even get back to
Grub bootloader from there (previous installation boot.ini edit).
Windows XP complains that it didn't load properly the last time and
gives the boot options. Select anything but Safe Mode and everything
loads for a sec and then freezes. Select Safe Mode and everything loads
for a sec (this time displaying dlls and drivers loading) but freezes
after /WINDOWS/System32/drivers/Mup.sys. 

Everything worked fine with Grub during RHFC1, so apparently the now
infamous bug has struck my machine. Pity that I didn't know about it a
week ago. For you who are about to install RHFC2 but want to keep your
old partitions working, better read the article above before

I'm sorry for bringing this OT on the list. Please have patience, I'm in
a slight panic for the moment afraid to loose any work on my
NTFS-partitions. Any advice appreciated but maybe it would be better to
take it outside the list. 

Thanks in advance
	Mkn. (Still Linux newbie..)