[PlanetCCRMA] sequencers comparison

Florin Andrei florin@andrei.myip.org
Sat Jan 31 14:25:02 2004

I know there were some discussions not too long ago about sequencers,
but i'd like to ask the questions in a slightly different way.

I'm looking for a decent sequencer for Linux. It's not required to be a
"Logic/Cubase/Pro Tools/Sonar killer" (although it would be great :-D),
but i'd like it to perform a few basic tasks well.

Must-have features:
- record and play multiple MIDI tracks
- record and play multiple sound tracks
- MIDI and sound must be able to blend freely in a project (i.e. record
and play arbitrary combinations of MIDI and sound tracks simultaneously)
- overdub multiple sound tracks into one (or two)
- fine-grained MIDI editing (edit individual keystrokes' parameters such
as velocity, timing adjustments)
- automatic tool to move slightly off-beat keystrokes to a fixed
temporal grid which is defined in the program (therefore making "perfect
performance" timing-wise)
- sound editing abilities (features such as "snap to pass-through-zero"
would be nice)
- LADSPA filters
- play a metronome through a MIDI or sound channel
- works with JACK and ALSA
- does not crash

Nice-to-have features:
- the editors (MIDI, sound) and, generally, the whole app must be
user-friendly and inspiration-friendly :-) (when the inspiration
possesses you, it's not a good thing to start fumbling through some
crappy interface and make a thousand mouse clicks just to do some
trivial operation - every second lost is precious)
- music notation
- some kind of interoperability with related apps

Essentially, in the free software world, it's either Muse or Rosegarden.
Has any of you extensive experience with both applications? Which one is
a better fit for the description above?


Florin Andrei