[PlanetCCRMA] Timidity, QtSynth, amSynth, Hydrogen

Rui Nuno Capela rncbc@rncbc.org
Sat Jan 31 14:06:02 2004

Steve Schmidt wrote:
> QtSynth:
> As for the QtSynth, the gui becomes useless shortly after it loads.
> I can use fluidsynth with Muse though.

Is this about qsynth? In that case, probably you don't have jackd running.
By default qsynth uses the JACK audio driver (as opposed to fluisynth,
which uses oss, IIRC). As stated on a qsynth's website note

"Unlike FluidSynth, the default audio driver for QSynth is set to jack,
for the low-latency Jack Audio Connection Kit. Therefore one has to start
the JACK server daemon (jackd) prior to run QSynth, and the QjackCtl
sister application may be a friendlier choice. To switch from this default
behaviour, you can run QSynth from the command-line giving it a suitable
option, where available:

for native ALSA audio driver:
 qsynth -a alsa

or, for native OSS audio driver:
 qsynth -a oss

>From then on, this setting will be persistently remembered in future
sessions, and may be otherwise changed on the setup dialog, of course."

The other way around is changing all this via the Setup dialog, which is
there for the GUI savvy.

Hope this is of any help.

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela