[PlanetCCRMA] Re: [Agnula-Users] Re: [Agnula-Developers] Re: [PlanetCCRMA] default .asoundrc file?

Andrea Glorioso sama@agnula.org
Sat Jan 31 13:28:01 2004

Mark Knecht <markknecht@comcast.net> writes:

> In the case of my RME cards it appears a lot of Alsa programs don't query
> the card to find out it requires a period of 2, so the programs don't work.
> If I tell the program to talk to plughw:1,0 then the plughw plugin does
> a format conversion and allows the program to work. Maybe there's a better
> way to do this in .asoundrc? I haven't tried, mostly because I don't want
> to spend time scouring the web looking for clues.

I guess it's a problem  of the ALSA layer inside  the program.  XMMS +
ALSA Output Plugin for example, doesn't play  well with ice1712 cards,
because (as Fernando kindly explained me  while I was standing puzzled
in front of a non-working AGNULA/DeMuDi 1.0 installation at Resonances
:)  it doesn't consider that  such  chipsets have  10  channels (if  I
remember  correctly) and you   need to initialize  all of  them and/or
dispatch samples in a "proper" way.

> I'm certainly not saying this is an important topic, and no one is being 
> forced to contribute. More that if users have tricks to share, and want to
> share, then a standard file with lots of info all commented out would not
> hurt anything and might be useful to some...

Isn't anything  on the alsa.opensrc.org page  Free pointed at?  Again,
if  there is  something  already there,  we are more   than willing to
include it into our next AGNULA releases.