[PlanetCCRMA] Feedback on Unison

Steve Harris S.W.Harris@ecs.soton.ac.uk
Fri Jan 30 01:22:02 2004

I'm very keen on technology like this, but I'm afraid I dont have time to
look at it this week have you seen session exhange?

- Steve

On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 10:56:34 -0500, Mike Mazarick wrote:
> I have been conversing with some former users of the Rocket Network, who use
> a set of specially developed shell scripts to get standard packaged DAW
> (Cubase, Sonar, etc.) songs to and from a server so that musicians in
> diverse locations can add tracks.   The specially developed scripts work on
> a client/server model.  The client entails utilizing cygwin on a PC, a menu
> of choices (upload, download, lock, download listen only copy, exit etc).
> The server side handles file compression via flac, and file conversion from
> wav to flac and back (and a few other nifty tricks like syncing, locking,
> version control).  I am currently testing out the client (which was
> developed on Linux) on a Fedora Core 1 CCRMA setup (and I hope to test it
> with Ardour files).
> I've noticed the pointer to Unison in the Planet CCRMA universe.  I was
> wondering if anyone has used it to do multitrack recording file transfers
> with multiple people, if it works effectively, if it is hard or easy to set
> up, and if it would be suitable for a "non-techie" musician to use with
> maybe minimal guidance.  It is worth considering Unison (as it has the
> version control built in) if it is easier to install and use for the
> "average joe musician" and work the compression magic as an add-on or filter
> (or use Unison where the DAW files aren't broken out into a bunch of WAVs
> per track).
> The nirvana state would be to lock each track to a person/account and allow
> multiple simultaneous updates.
> I would be very interested in hearing about anyone's experiences using
> Unison.   If you feel this isn't a good "general discussion" topic, or, if
> your explanation of the pros/cons is lengthy, feel free to use my home email
> address:
> mazarick@bellsouth.net
> I would suggest that the internet music collaboration aspect will be of
> general interest for the most of us, so, your thoughts/ideas on how to move
> the bits around and utilize multiple musicians in multiple areas can feel
> free to use the Unison thread (as it is a proposed solution to a general
> problem).
> Regards,
> Mike Mazarick
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