[PlanetCCRMA] ardour won't run

Alex Timmer mijn_troep@yahoo.com
Wed Jan 21 04:07:01 2004

 --- Jorma R <rjorma@sunpoint.net> wrote: > 
> Also - What I occasionally get (and have been getting since the
> beta3) is a crash right after typing the session name and cliking ok
> in the new session dialog. Sometimes Ardour complains that the path
> /home/jorma//newsessionname is not valid - there is an extra slash in
> it. Sometimes it just dies. As a result the new session is created
> but trying to open it will crash Ardour.
> -Jorma

if this is reproducable, you could report a bug in Ardour mantis.

about the double slashes, afaik unix/linux should treat "more than one
slash" as "one slash". example:

[51] > cd /
[52] > pwd
[53] > cd ///home/alext//dummy//////temp////
[54] > pwd
[55] >

so your above session would end up in /home/jorma/newsessionname/ 
gr, ALEX

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