[PlanetCCRMA] Hiding a midi port

Crispin cc26@ohm.york.ac.uk
Wed Jan 21 02:30:03 2004


I've encountered a bug in muse which causes it to hang.  It crashes when
loading or saving files in which the serial midi i/o port is used.  This
seems very odd as it doesn't complain about any other port types.

Now, assuming nobody has a quick fix for this (please tell me if you do)
is there a program I can put between muse and the serial midi module
(using kaconnect say) which will simply echo midi and maybe protect muse
from this?

PS also is there a planetccrma applicatoins cd image for RH9 produced
later than 2003-10-14?  I've been trying to install newer rpms for
things like this but can't resolve conflicts by hand.


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