[PlanetCCRMA] weird behaviour from apt-get

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Jan 20 14:36:01 2004

> > Hmmm, well, have you checked? What is the output of, for example:
> >   rpm -q fftw
> > or
> >   rpm -q wxGTK
> > 
> > Most probably you will find that you have duplicated packages. The only
> > way I know this can happen is if you install a package with "-ivh"
> > instead or "-Uvh". Let us know what you find. 
> Allrite, i checked with "rpm -q" and i actually do have two versions of
> all those packages, in most cases one from PlanetCCRMA and one from
> freshrpms.net. So i removed the older version of each pair with "rpm -e"
> and apt-get doesn't complain anymore. Is there a way to configure
> apt-get so it always uses "rpm -Uvh" instead of "rpm -ivh", so this
> doesn't happen again?

That is what it is supposed to do. There is a way to create exceptions,
look at the "Allow-Duplicated" line in /etc/apt/apt.conf. Obvioulsly you
don't have "fftw" or "wxGTK" there so I don't know how this could have
happened. Have you used only apt for installations? The exception
mechanism in apt.conf is usually only used for the kernel (you can have
more than one kernel version installed at the same time). 

> > That _is_ very strange. It should happen, or not. It should not be
> > intermittent at all. 
> Yeah, it was definitely intermittent. Look at what i got (before i
> removed the duplicates) just by running "apt-get update" twice in
> succession, without changing anything:

Yep, very weird indeed.... hopefully it is fixed now...
-- Fernando