[PlanetCCRMA] too many processes?

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Jan 20 08:32:02 2004

> I have installed RH7.3 with CCRMA downloaded as iso's
> from the end of october, all my various playing around
> has lead to various crashes and I suspect that
> something hasnt "cleaned up" after itself. Currently I
> always log in as root to achieve the correct
> scheduling for realtime operation, however MUSE seems
> to open itself up also! I have run top and the gnome
> system monitor, shut down the appropriate processes
> and rebooted various times, each time though MUSE
> reappears. I suspect the problem isnt just with MUSE
> because I do seem to have quite a lot of processes
> running when I look in the system monitor. Infact
> currently my 256mb of ram seem to be 83 percent used
> up!!!
> So my questions:
> Can someone give me an idea of how to stop this
> process auto running each time i boot?

This is probably not hapenning when you boot but when you login into the
graphical environment. To fix this login normally, close all the
applications you do not want to "autostart" and when you logout click on
"Save Setup" in the logout panel, and _then_ logout. This will save the
current state of the desktop. The next login should be fine (no extra
apps running). 

> Is it ususal to have over 20 processes running even
> after just booting the machine and viewing the desktop
> and having run no other software?

Yes, that is normal. You can minimize the number of stuff that is
running permanently by looking at what services you have enabled in your
computer (for example, if your computer is not a web server httpd should
not start at boot time). A list of the services and their state can be
obtained in a terminal by doing:
  /usr/sbin/chkconfig --list

You can deactivate services by:
  /usr/sbin/chkconfig --del
Make you check what the service is doing before turning it off :-)

-- Fernando