[PlanetCCRMA] GNU 3.3.2 vs 3.2.3 kernel

mazarick@bellsouth.net mazarick@bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 19 13:56:52 2004

Hi,  I'm trying to compile some modules for Fedora Core 1, and am getting compile errors because the compiler is at 3.3.2, while the core was compiled with gnu 3.2.3.   Is it possible to utilize the existing 3.3.2 compiler (ie, is there a "backwards compatibility" option) or do I have to install the gnu 3.2.3 compiler also?   The software I'm planning on compiling is VMWare, which allows for several virtual machines (either Linux of Windoz) to run concurrently with the existing base, but I need to recompile some of the .o files before I can install it.


Mike Mazarick