[PlanetCCRMA] No sound from midi apps - what am I doing wrong?

Keenan Pepper cherylgpepper@comcast.net
Sat Jan 17 14:32:01 2004

OK, first of all I'm running Fedora Core 1 on an HP Pavilion with an
Intel i810 sound card. Timidity works great, it actually plays midi
files with sound. So I can create a midi file in Muse or Rosegarden and
then play it with Timidity, but that seems awkward and unnecessary. When
I start up Fluidsynth and Kaconnect, Fluidsynth shows up under "Writable
Ports" and Rosegarden or whatever shows up under "Readable Ports", and
there's even an arrow connecting them. So far so good. The only problem
is, no actual sound. I click "play" in Rosegarden and the music scrolls
across the screen and the notes lite up as if they were being played,
but no sound. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?