[PlanetCCRMA] some new computer questions

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Jan 17 13:11:02 2004

> so for a new install now, january 2004, i'm guessing go with fedora 
> core? i just recently understood that red hat is ending its support 
> for 7&8 and 9 in the spring...

Yes, that is correct. 7&8 are out, 9 ends in April or something like

> am i correct to assume that what i would i woudl want for audio usage 
> would be fedora? 

If you want to stay in the "RedHat world" yes, FC1 would be the choice. 

> should i wait for a stable 2.6..? (if i could wait..)

I would not do that, 2.6 is not (from what I have read, not from
personal experience) better than 2.4.x for audio work. FC2 is supposed
to ship with 2.6. That will be fun :-)

> and secondly, and perhaps more importantly: have you made any lovely 
> planet.ccrma stickers i could stick on the lid of the laptop so that 
> it's obvious when i use it live..? hate to have people think i'm 
> onstage playing cakewalk or something...

Nope, I have not done much artwork at all although I would love to. The
only things I have to offer are a small "planet earth" that I use
instead of the red fedora for the start menu icon and a couple of splash
screens for the Gnome and KDE init screens. 

Guy Daniel (Clotilde) created some artwork a while ago. See his post


They are cool (and still online, I just checked), I like the third one.
I did not make it the official logo because I have very specific ideas
on what I would like to see, as usual more ideas than time :-) 

-- Fernando