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Guy Daniel CLOTILDE guy.clotilde@wanadoo.fr
Fri Jan 16 21:58:01 2004

Hi Fernando

speaking about this, I have an old question to ask:
what are the fundamental differences between redhat 8.0, 9.0 or fedora?
I have redhat 8.0, running happily. But as you build different packages, obviously even an up-to-date redhat 8.0 is different from a 9.0. Obviously, the kernels have different names, but they are both based on the same stock kernel. So what are the differences?


Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano wrote / a écrit:

> The "RedHat" or "Fedora Core 1" images are normal iso images, the only
> addition is the apt database that enables you to use apt or synaptic
> with them. You can boot from the first cd in the series.