[PlanetCCRMA] Newbie with troubles!

John Bjorne amberfragment@hotmail.com
Tue Jan 13 12:44:01 2004

I downloaded Fedora Core onto my PC, set up a partition for it just fine, 
etc. I have a Athlon processor running around 3200, 1 GB RAM, about 320 GIG 
HD space, an Audigy Soundblaster EX2, and now several headaches. I connect 
to the internet on my PC via a router made by SMC, a barricade cable.dsl 
router (7004) using Knology.net, a local provider. I cannot get my Linux to 
recognize any of the 4 SMC options! I have downloaded the planetccrma image 
disks, burned them fine using a Mac (when I insert them I get a list of all 
the rpm files and the various synth goodies) but I cannot for the life in me 
figure out all the documentation of the planetccrma page!
This is not the fault of the brave soul who documented all of this for us, 
it is merely my ignorance. I'm too used to getting around in Windows and on 
the Mac to be able to see past my nose. I had a couple of moments where I 
thought I might have it (I started installing all the RPMS manually but quit 
that after about an hour of figuring out I needed A to install B and so 
forth) but now I'm at a loss. Should I try Red Hat 9 instead? Is there 
anyway I can get the internet running? I called SMC and KNology but neither 
one of them support Linux.
Thanks for your time,
John Bjorne.

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