[PlanetCCRMA] but what if...?

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jan 15 08:54:02 2004

> so if the ANGNULA crew are also using redhat as a base for ReMuDi, then would 
> it be possible for CCRMA people to use the ANGNULA packages as well? this would 
> mean an easy install for PDP and supercollider? what do you thinks, or am i 
> completely off the mark?

Yes and no :-)

Agnula is a two track project. Demudi, based on Debian and Rehmudi,
based on RedHat. Packages from one cannot be used on the other. _If_
there are already packages out for PDP and SC3 in Rehmudi (I'd be
surprised) then you could use them (probably) on Planet CCRMA - but then
it would also be trivial for me to add them to Planet CCRMA because
somebody else did the hard work of packaging them. Most audio packages
on Rehmudi are (or were in the last version I checked) actually Planet
CCRMA packages, not even rebuilt... (BTW, Rehmudi does not use apt so
adding things with dependencies would not be so easy after all). 

SC3 should be easy to package and I have it in my list (together with
Simsam but after the new kernel/alsa and OpenMusic). 

-- Fernando