[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Introduction & Help Needed...

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Jan 14 12:12:01 2004

> Well, I did end up reading the documentation on the site and got the 
> packages installed. The problem I have is now I can't run X Windows.  I 
> installed the newest gcc I could find and installed the latest NVIDIA 
> display drivers a couple of days ago, which seem to be in conflict with 
> the ALSA/CCRMA stuff.

If you are booting into either of the Planet CCRMA kernels you need to
rebuild the NVIDIA display driver (to match the kernel you are booting
into). Did you get errors when trying to do that? What errors do you get
when you try to start X? I assume that when you say "installed the
newest gcc" you mean you installed it from the RedHat 9 disks, right?
Kernel modules have to be built with the same compiler as the kernel
itself (the RedHat 9 Planet CCRMA kernels are built with the gcc that
ships with RH9). 

> I'll just ask simply: Is there ANY way of just 
> enabling Digital Output in Linux itself for the emu10k1 driver, or do I 
> need to have all the extra stuff installed to make that happen?

You mean in the OSS driver that comes with the kernel? Sorry, I don't
know the answer to that. Even in alsa enabling digital i/o is (from what
I have read) not that easy. 

-- Fernando