[PlanetCCRMA] Adding XFS support to 2.4.23-1.ll kernel

J. Scott Amort jsamort@shaw.ca
Sun Jan 11 15:16:01 2004

Hi all,

I have a slightly OT question.  I'm trying to add XFS filesystem support
to the PlanetCCRMA 2.4.23-1.ll kernel.  I'm using the 20031201 XFS
snapshot, and have needed to edit some of the patches to fix the ones
that fail.  There is one fix that I am not sure about, both the low
latency patch and the xfs patch edit include/linux/sysctl.h, and
conflict, each trying to assign 55 as follows:

+	KERN_KDB=55,		/* int: kdb on/off */

low lat:
+	KERN_LOWLATENCY=55,     /* int: enable low latency scheduling */

Can I select another number for KERN_KDB without any adverse effects? 
Can I just add it to the end of this enum, which currently ends with
KERN_CORE_SETUID=59 (i.e. just make KERN_KDB=60)?  Thanks for any