[PlanetCCRMA] Some planet-ccrma wishes for the new year

Tracey Anne Hytry shakti@bayarea.net
Sat Jan 3 01:19:00 2004

First, welcome back Fernando.

About the topic:

I see the planet as a repository of apt enabled multimedia RPMs.  Nando does a great job of getting some of the best linux apps compiled and packaged up for a number of flavours of linux.  I also realize that Nando does this along with his his work at CCRMA.

I don't expect everything to be set up when I first install it on my machines.  I usually start up new packages from an xterm, doing a <program_name> --help first, then followed by the program again in the term to watch what it's trying to do just in case it needs something.

I use jack (with qjackctl) all of the time;  and I save my X11 setup to have qjackctl come up on X startup and start the jack server.  I then have done things like make my own folders(like midi apps, FX apps, editors, etc), draged a copy from the main rehat menu into them, and set up the apps to work properly in the environment that I'm using(use "/usr/bin/alsaplayer -o jack" as the command in properties for alsaplayer, etc).  Once set up, it's quite easy to reconfigure anything when the latest/greatest(which I'm usually waiting for) is packaged up.

Nando is very good about taking requests and constructive ideas, and working them into the planet.  This is the place for it, and I've learned that sometimes I have to wait a bit because Nando is well, like human :)  This is also the place to ask questions in the hopes that others have figured a few of the things out about how to set the various apps up and running with each other.

Another thing;  I am so very happy that Nando puts together the LL kernels and alsa packages.  Even though it can sometimes be enjoyable, I don't always have the time to compile things.  Nando, you rock!

And another/another thing;  Another big rezounding yes for rezound.  Christy wanted to put together a cd of music that she had composed over the years for her family and send for xmass.  She hadn't used the programs on the machine in the music room here at home very much;  but when I showed her a few editors she took to rezound and was able to record, edit, and put all of the tracks together for the cd very easily.  It was quite amazing how fast she could re-take and patch out mistakes with good pieces.