[PlanetCCRMA] Hydrogen Sound Driver Errors

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Feb 24 11:46:02 2004

> So, I've been messing around with this problem for days, and no luck.
> Just wondering if you guys might know what's up.
> I installed Planet CCRMA for RH9.0.  I set up the kernel and sound.  aplay
> can play a .wav file just fine.  The first package I decided to install is
> hydrogen ('cause I think it's cool).  After installing hydrogen with
> apt-get, I try to run it.  This is the error it gives me:
> [ERROR]    OssDriver    ERROR_IOCTL: unable to set BlockSize
> [ERROR]    Hydrogen     Error starting audio driver [audioDriver::connect()]
> Has anybody seen this?  This is really frustrating to me.  I mean, this is
> a brand new, fresh, ccrma install and the first thing I try doesn't work.
> It's obviously due to my own ignorance, but still...
> Anyway, any help is appreciated.

It looks like it cannot initialize the OSS driver (which is done through
the ALSA OSS emulation modules). You could try changing (in Preferences)
the size of the buffer it uses (default = 1024). 

I always test it as a Jack client because it does not have a native ALSA
sound driver (and because using Jack you can have other Jack apps
generating audio at the same time). 

You can start Jack using the qjackctl gui program (recommended) or just
from the command line:
    jackstart -R -d alsa -d hw
would use the defaults (buffer size 1024), you may need to change that
if your soundcard does not like 1024 as buffer size. "man jackd" for all
the parameter names. 

After you have Jack up and running go into Hydrogen and change the audio
driver in Preferences to Jack, and restart Hydrogen. It should work

-- Fernando