[PlanetCCRMA] Hydrogen Sound Driver Errors

Ryan D Taylor ryant@cs.utah.edu
Tue Feb 24 10:10:02 2004


So, I've been messing around with this problem for days, and no luck.
Just wondering if you guys might know what's up.

I installed Planet CCRMA for RH9.0.  I set up the kernel and sound.  aplay
can play a .wav file just fine.  The first package I decided to install is
hydrogen ('cause I think it's cool).  After installing hydrogen with
apt-get, I try to run it.  This is the error it gives me:

[ERROR]    OssDriver    ERROR_IOCTL: unable to set BlockSize
[ERROR]    Hydrogen     Error starting audio driver [audioDriver::connect()]

Has anybody seen this?  This is really frustrating to me.  I mean, this is
a brand new, fresh, ccrma install and the first thing I try doesn't work.
It's obviously due to my own ignorance, but still...

Anyway, any help is appreciated.


- Ryan T.