[PlanetCCRMA] terminatorX help

Tim Moody timmoody@sympatico.ca
Fri Feb 6 13:47:03 2004

Thanks, that worked.  The only difference I see is the -d hw parameter 
which I didn't have before, and the fact that I'm not root.  Can jackstart 
be run in background?

Planet ccrma is a real candy store.  I'm just getting started sampling its 

There are a few things that don't work for me, however:

alsaplayer - just makes noise on my test file (it is 8 bit mono at 11025Hz, 
which plays on Audacity)
pd - terminates if I check jack as my audio (works with alsa)

At 11:08 AM 2/6/2004 -0800, Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
> > I just installed Planet ccrma using apt-get install
> > planetccrma-audiovideoapps on Fedora Core 1 and have done apt-get
> > upgrade so kernel is 2.4.24-1.ll.rhfc1.ccrma.
>I presume then that alsa is installed and configured and running, right?
> > When I try to run terminatorX (as root) I get the following.
>You don't need to run as root.
> > I tried chmod u+s but it makes no difference. I have tried both jackd
> > -d alsa and jackstart
> > [root@neptune root]# terminatorX
> > terminatorX Release 3.81 - Copyright (C) 1999-2003 by Alexander K?nig
> > terminatorX comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY - for details read the
> > license.
> > warning: failed to load external entity "/root/.terminatorXrc"
> > tX: err: Error parsing terminatorXrc.
> > tX: Failed loading terminatorXrc - trying to load old binary rc.
> > * tX_error: This binary doesn't support running suid-root.
> > * tX_error: Reconfigure with --enable-capabilities or
> > --enable-suidroot if you really want that.
> >
> > I welcome any help.
>As a non-root user start Jack:
>   jackstart -R -d alsa -d hw
>That will tie up your terminal.
> >From another terminal type:
>   terminatorX
>It should start and recognize the jack server (and autoconnect its
>output to your soundcard). I just tried it and it also prints some
>messages at the beginning that seem to imply that the engine is not
>running with realtime priority. But it seems to work anyway (the jack
>audio thread will be given realtime priority by jack).
>-- Fernando