[PlanetCCRMA] Removing apps after doing the audiovideo

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Wed Dec 8 18:03:01 2004

Hi Mark:

  I typically use Synaptic to remove Planet C items I no longer want 
around, it's very easy for the most part. I do have a question for 
Fernando about removing things: Let's say I want to remove application 
DaBomb, and I mark it for removal with Synaptic. However, Synaptic 
informs me that x number of other apps and/or utilities and/or libraries 
will also be removed, some of which may have obvious relevance for other 
applications. Now, can I safely remove DaBomb, or will I indeed be left 
without those other components, requiring their re-installation, or does 
the system know to re-install them ? Like Mark, there are some 
components I'd like to dump, but I'm a bit nervous about losing track of 
things. For instance, I'd like to upgrade to the latest JACK in order to 
test some new things in Ardour, but I'm pretty sure Synaptic is going to 
tell me that I'll have to dump a long list of other items if I want to 
remove Planet C's JACK.

  Advice, anyone ?



Mark Knecht wrote:

>>From the Planet:
>"As long as you have one of these packages installed you will not be
>able to individually erase applications that are listed as
>requirements. You can, at any point, erase either
>planetccrma-audioapps or planetccrma-audiovideoapps and take manual
>control of which applications are installed or removed."
>What is meant by 'erase'? There are a large number of things installed
>and I need to recapture a bit of disk space.
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