[PlanetCCRMA] ReZound crashing on a pitch/tempo change

Jean-Baptiste MESTELAN jean-baptiste.mestelan@laposte.net
Sun Dec 5 13:52:00 2004

Hello !

I wondered if other CCRMA users have experienced this :
ReZound crashes whenever I use the menu options :
- change pitch,
- change tempo

ReZound will only display "Erreur de segmentation", which is like 
"Segment fault" (pardon my French).
I am running a FC2 kernel, by the way....

I have reported the bug to the software developer 
but have  now come to think it might be related to the CCRMA packaging ?
The developer mentions the soundtouch libraries ; could the bug be 
related to a older version being used (1.2.1-1.rhfc2-crrma in my case) ?

Best regards.