[PlanetCCRMA] Brutefir's path in PlaneCCrma FC1

Michele Spinolo michele.spinolo@tin.it
Sun Dec 5 11:13:01 2004

Still trying to run AlmusVCU on PlanetCCrma FC1: now everything seems to
work (user interface, mouse, keyboard, svgalib support, etc...) but I'm
having some problem configuring the convolver part.

AlmusVCU needs a configuration file to be compiled, and it needs Brutefir's
module directory and Brutefir's binary directory to be specified.
The first is easy to find searching for *.bfio files, although the second is
quite hard to find: PlanetCCrma FC1 distro splits different Brutefir
files/docs/binaries/modules, this is very confortable in some cases, but in
this case a single directory containing all Brutefir's files would be

Anyway can someone (Fernando?:-P) kindly tell me where BruteFir's binaries
are located?