[PlanetCCRMA] Copying the "/var/cache/apt" directory content to another machine and installing from there

Tracey Hytry shakti@bayarea.net
Mon Aug 30 19:12:01 2004

> But at my daily job I work with fedora-1 too, so i'm wondering if is
> possible to just download the last packages of the planet (with a
> "apt-get install -d xxxxx", burn a cd with the contents of the apt-cache
> downloaded files, and copy its contents to the same location
> (/var/cache/apt) on the other machine.
> Is that possible?
> if is is som there is anything else i have to take into account to make
> it work?

I do a variation of this all of the time on a few machines here.  They are rh9, but it should work the same.

I download on one machine and copy the new group of files into a directory on an internal networked server.  On the other machines I copy the files into their /var/cache/apt/archives directory and connnect to CCRMA to get an updated list

Getting the newest list is the important part, but if you can connect to the net with the 2nd machine that should be easy.  Otherwise you could try saving the pkgcache.bin and srcpkgcache.bin on the target machine and copy those files from the source machine also.

Copying over the .bin files I'm not sure of and I would suggest firing up synaptic to see if it lists the files to be upgrade and installed first.  As I said, I do a variation;  but I'd be interested if it works for you.