[PlanetCCRMA] Copying the "/var/cache/apt" directory content to another machine and installing from there

dbdbdb kakarott@fastmail.fm
Mon Aug 30 10:17:02 2004


It's been a long time sine my last update of the ccrma applications,
mainly because actually it is not posibble to connect my composition PC
(with Fedora 1) to a high bandwidth connection.

But at my daily job I work with fedora-1 too, so i'm wondering if is
possible to just download the last packages of the planet (with a
"apt-get install -d xxxxx", burn a cd with the contents of the apt-cache
downloaded files, and copy its contents to the same location
(/var/cache/apt) on the other machine.

Is that possible?
if is is som there is anything else i have to take into account to make
it work?

  Carlos Rodriguez