[PlanetCCRMA] K3b again

Tim Churchill tchurchill@omne.uk.net
Sat Aug 28 06:39:03 2004

The problems I had last week with K3b 0.11.14 are now an acknowledged 
bug. After checking with Sebastian Trueg I find that (at that point) 
he didn't know how to get round the problem, ie wavs being identified 
as mpeg1 layer 1 files.

I noticed from the K3b forum that version 0.11.10 was supposed to be 
OK, and tried to find a way of accessing this version. Synaptic 
wasn't much help as it seems to look only for the latest version. In 
the end I downloaded the rpm from the repository and used the rpm 
command to 'install' the program. This was successful (anything I do 
with Linux that I get right surprises me) and K3b now works, though 
not perfectly as it is still capable of crashing the system when some 
wav files are dropped into it.

Synaptic appears to have correctly noticed the version as installed.

I have two questions;

1) In view of the manual installation will synaptic manage a correct 
update when I think it is safe to do so?

2) Is there a way of making synaptic download and install a file 
other than the latest version?

Many thanks,


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