[PlanetCCRMA] Matrox G550 TV Out CCRMA kernel patch

gigicarlo soundgigi@freenet.de
Sun Aug 22 04:13:02 2004

Hi List hi Fernando ;-)

Hi iam using PlanetCCRMA FC 1 kernel version

basically to run PD an PDP.
Now i have a question : I would like to use a TV for the PDP output (or
maybe a beamer one day). The Matrox G550 is Dualhead and therefore
capable to do that, but the driver doesnt allow the right configuration.

I found that link, that describes how to use the TV Out by patching the
kernel, but that is to complicated for me (i am not that much a linux
hacker) and i wonder, if maybe there are some more people who would
appreciate that functionality on the Planet CCRMA List, since it has all
to do with Video and Audio


So my question: Could you patch the kernel i use, because i dont want to
loose the other patches like capabilities and low latency ? I know its
just a big favour you would do for me, but maybe also other users might
take advantage of that ;-)

Thanks very much

Best Regards