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R Parker rtp405@yahoo.com
Thu Aug 5 22:12:01 2004

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There's a level fader and routing interface.


--- Justin H Haynes <Justin@Haynes.net> wrote:

> 1)  I am using FC1/ ardour .453.1 libardour .728.1
> with a soundblaster 
> LIVE 128 (emu10k1).  I feel silly asking such a
> simple question, but how 
> can you change the volume of the click?  This is a
> problem because I 
> must put PCM and the master volume at 100 to be able
> to hear enough of 
> what I am recording back through the earphones. 
> This is necessary 
> because I am recording one of the tracks with a tuba
> and I can't hear 
> any of the mix through the headphones unless it is
> very loud. 
> the only problem with this is that teh click is
> *deafening*.  I need to 
> hear the click because the bass will lay down the
> rythem for everything 
> else.  I must record it first.
> 2) as an exercise I took a bach chorale and marked
> it up the way I was 
> going to play it.  I went to adjust the tempos and
> numbers of beats per 
> measure in ardour for some of the fermatas.   Near
> the end of the 
> chorale, I slow teh tempo down by a couple of beats
> at a time per 
> measure.  Each time I change the Beats per minute in
> the middle of the 
> measure, it adds beats to the measure.  For example,
> I have a 5/4 bar.  
> The first two beats need to be 68 BPM, the third
> beat goes to 66BPM  the 
> next measure starts at 64bpm.  What happens is the
> first two beats of 
> the 5/4 measure are at 68, the next three beats are
> at 66, and there is 
> an extra beat in the measure for a total of 6 beats.
>  But when you go to 
> record it, the remaining beat in the measure - the
> one that was added - 
> doesn't click.  So you hear 5 clicks and a silent
> beat.  I gave up on 
> that and just comprimised.  This was just an
> exercize.  Likewise, 
> wherever you change the tempo in a measure, four
> beats will happen 
> between that and the beginning of the next measure
> no matter how many 
> beats per measure you tell it to have.  Has anyone
> else had this problem?
> Thanks,
> -Justin
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