[PlanetCCRMA] ardour

Justin H Haynes Justin@Haynes.net
Thu Aug 5 21:01:02 2004

1)  I am using FC1/ ardour .453.1 libardour .728.1 with a soundblaster 
LIVE 128 (emu10k1).  I feel silly asking such a simple question, but how 
can you change the volume of the click?  This is a problem because I 
must put PCM and the master volume at 100 to be able to hear enough of 
what I am recording back through the earphones.  This is necessary 
because I am recording one of the tracks with a tuba and I can't hear 
any of the mix through the headphones unless it is very loud. 

the only problem with this is that teh click is *deafening*.  I need to 
hear the click because the bass will lay down the rythem for everything 
else.  I must record it first.

2) as an exercise I took a bach chorale and marked it up the way I was 
going to play it.  I went to adjust the tempos and numbers of beats per 
measure in ardour for some of the fermatas.   Near the end of the 
chorale, I slow teh tempo down by a couple of beats at a time per 
measure.  Each time I change the Beats per minute in the middle of the 
measure, it adds beats to the measure.  For example, I have a 5/4 bar.  
The first two beats need to be 68 BPM, the third beat goes to 66BPM  the 
next measure starts at 64bpm.  What happens is the first two beats of 
the 5/4 measure are at 68, the next three beats are at 66, and there is 
an extra beat in the measure for a total of 6 beats.  But when you go to 
record it, the remaining beat in the measure - the one that was added - 
doesn't click.  So you hear 5 clicks and a silent beat.  I gave up on 
that and just comprimised.  This was just an exercize.  Likewise, 
wherever you change the tempo in a measure, four beats will happen 
between that and the beginning of the next measure no matter how many 
beats per measure you tell it to have.  Has anyone else had this problem?