[PlanetCCRMA] April 21 update mashes Jack...

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Thu Apr 22 04:03:01 2004


  I upgraded to the new JACK stuff last night and was dismayed to find 
that now JACK won't work. Qjackctl reports that it can't connect to the 
server, and running jackstart or jackd by hand results in an 'illegal 
instruction' error. I thought about removing JACK via synaptic (then 
building and installing it myself) but the number of affected apps was a 

  I'm now stopped in my tracks until I fix the JACK problem. Did anyone 
else run into this trouble with the latest & greatest from Planet C ?

  Btw, I posted inquiries to the jack-dev list last night, both pd and 
joq believe the problem is related to the Planet C build, so now I'm 
posting here...

Best regards,