[PlanetCCRMA] Now I need recommendations for a control surface...

Brian Jarrett bjarrett@garcoschools.org
Mon Apr 5 11:54:01 2004

I agree... if something like that worked with Linux, maybe I could
afford it!  I've read in other places where some of these devices aren't
sensitive enough, don't sample fader positions often enough, or just
simply "jump" as you are trying to move a fader.

It would be really cool if there were a place for ccrma (linux) DAW
users to post what equipment they use and give their experiences using
various hardware and software.


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this looks great:


i own an audio mixer from eurorack and i like it a lot, but have never 
used midi gear from them... anyone seen a demo of this yet?

Brian Jarrett wrote:

>Anyone use a mixer control surface with their planet-ccrma DAW that
works well?
>Any recommendations would be useful.  I probably can't afford one right
now, but want to get an idea of what I should shoot for.
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