[PlanetCCRMA] Some CCRMA newbie questions and suggestions

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Apr 4 20:01:01 2004

> I'm new to the distribution tool chain that ccrma uses,
> and have some questions.
> - Somehow I've managed to get multiple installs of packages,that is
> several versions of the same package. I'm not eally shure how it happened,
> but it occured during an upgrade stage of some sort.
> Is there some easy way to get rid of all these extra versions? To keep 
> only the last?

Different versions or the same version? You can use rpm to get rid of
all matches of a given version by saying:
  rpm -e --allmatches foo-version-release

To find what you have:
  rpm -q -a |grep name_of_package

> - Is it possible to upgrade my entire RH9 installation to Fedora with 
> these tools?

I know it is possible, I have not done it myself. I seem to recall
sombody mentioning a problem with a package that had to be upgraded
manually after the install (maybe perl or some perl tool). 

> - Wouldn't the Gimp be a good candidate for inclusion? Or is there some 
> other apt-get repository for the Gimp?

Gimp is part of the standard RedHat distro, no need to add it. If it did
not get installed in the original install "apt-get install gimp" should
bring it in. 

> - The linuxwacom version of the wacom tablet kernel driver would be nice 
> also.
> - Some free soundfonts for fluidsynth, maybe based on "eawpats" that 
> timidity uses.

I have used successfully the Fluid soundfont, I just googled for it but
I could not find it, sites seem to be down or no longer active...

-- Fernando