[PlanetCCRMA] Some CCRMA newbie questions and suggestions

joakim verona joakim@verona.se
Sun Apr 4 05:28:02 2004


First of all, thanks for this great distribution!

I'm new to the distribution tool chain that ccrma uses,
and have some questions.

- Somehow I've managed to get multiple installs of packages,that is
several versions of the same package. I'm not eally shure how it happened,
but it occured during an upgrade stage of some sort.

Is there some easy way to get rid of all these extra versions? To keep 
only the last?

- Is it possible to upgrade my entire RH9 installation to Fedora with 
these tools?

- Wouldn't the Gimp be a good candidate for inclusion? Or is there some 
other apt-get
repository for the Gimp?

- The linuxwacom version of the wacom tablet kernel driver would be nice 

- Some free soundfonts for fluidsynth, maybe based on "eawpats" that 
timidity uses.

Thats all for now!