[PlanetCCRMA] Question About Compiling a Custom Kernel

Janina Sajka I'vesuccessfullycompiledwithcurrentCCRMAkernelsourcewithanaddedpatchIneedonmysystem.I'vedonethisbyhandwiththeusualmakeconfig@rednote.net, makedep@rednote.net, make@rednote.net, makemodules@rednote.net, etc.EverythingwentwellexceptthatIhadtoremovethreeitemsinthe.configinordertogetmodulestocompile.@rednote.net
Sat Sep 27 15:18:01 2003

 So far so good.

 But, I would rather use rpmbuild to get the advantage of letting rpm
 manage my packages. However, I can't discover how to go about making
 the changes I need to the config files using rpmbuild. I can add my
 patch--the one that isn't in the CCRMA binary. But, I haven't been able
 to figure out how to change the kernel config files to remove the
 modules that get in the away of a successful build.

 I haven't found anything yet in the rpmbuild documentation about this.

 Anyone have any advice? I would appreciate it very much.