[PlanetCCRMA] planetcore Kernel on other distros

J. Scott Amort jsamort@shaw.ca
Wed Sep 24 08:58:00 2003


I just want to start by saying thanks to Fernando (and everyone else
involved) for providing such a great repository!  I am relatively new to
Linux audio, but have been running Slackware for a number of years. 
I've got most of the necessary audio apps running already on Slack, but
I'm most interested in the custom kernel with low latency, etc.  I've
tried to convert the kernel-source rpm to a tgz and then compile, but it
does seem to be expecting things that only appear on a RedHat system. 
So, I went to the kernel.src version and was rather amazed at the number
of patches!  Is there an easy way to get all of these patches applied to
the stock kernel?  Also, and I am no kernel expert by any means, but
some of those patches seem to be pretty old (i.e. a number of 2.4.0
patches are in there) - haven't these been incorporated into the later
kernel versions?  I suppose I'm looking for the most efficient way to
get the latest PlanetCCRMA kernel running on Slackware.  I realize that
the easiest way would be to switch over and install RedHat, and I'm sure
that's what it will come to as I struggle with applying over a hundred
patches, but I'm holding out hope that there may be an alternative. 
Thanks for any advice!

Best Regards,