[PlanetCCRMA] alsa unresolved symbol PDE

Steve Arnold sarnold@arnolds.dhs.org
Sat Sep 20 12:55:02 2003

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This may be a little OT, but please hear me out...

I've added a planet-ccrma kernel source ebuild to Gentoo's portage
tree, and it seems to build fine (I'm running it now).  However, I
can't load the alsa drivers (alsa-driver-0.9.6), even though they
appeared to build fine as well.  I get these errors on pretty much
all the sound drivers:

insmod foo failed
unresolved symbol PDE

I saw this with several newer WOLK kernels, but googling doesn't
seem to turn up much (and I've been running wolk-4.3s with no

It may be that I'm missing something, since my ebuild grabs the
kernel-source-rpm and coverts it to tar.gz, then installs the kernel
source tree.  I guess the acpi headers are added during the rpm
install, since they came up missing (so I add them back to the
source tree in the ebuild from a separate tarball).  This allows the
kernel to build fine, but maybe there is something else done by the
rpm that I haven't accounted for?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated (hint => Fernando :)

Thanks, Steve

Steve Arnold                 http://arnolds.dhs.org

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