[PlanetCCRMA] updated: new planetcore components (kernel/alsa)

Janina Sajka janina@rednote.net
Fri Sep 19 09:53:02 2003

Hi, Nando:

For the record, I have compiled successfully from the new kernel-source

I do this because I need to add support for my spoken interface modules,
Speakup, which is a kernel module. This new CCRMA kernel marks the first
time I've successfully managed to get Speakup and your .config to work.

I do have to tweak one .rej for ~linux/drivers/char/Makefile.

And, I had some module issues. I had to remove all the qla scsi
references, i2c support, and the wvlan pcmcia drivers.

After that, everything compiled and installed without a hitch. So far it
seems everything is working.

Next, I have to get ALSA ...

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano writes:
> From: Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano <nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU>
> [I have not updated the web site yet, I'll wait till the packages move
> to their final destination for that, you get the "avant premiere" in
> this list]
> So, here it is. This is a new release of the planetcore components of
> the Planet CCRMA package collection. For a few days these packages will
> live in the "planetedge" repository so they can get a bit more testing
> from Planet CCRMA users elsewhere in the world, after that they will
> move to the "planetcore" repository replacing the current core
> components (I have all new packages running on all machines here at
> CCRMA). 
> There are two kernels and matching sets of alsa drivers, the Planet
> CCRMA kernel (best latency) and the RedHat capabilities enabled kernel
> (best compatibility). The Planet CCRMA kernel is now (hopefully) more
> compatible with the original RedHat kernel, see below for more details. 
> If you want to try the latest and greatest:
> a) add the following line to your /etc/atp/sources.list file
>    for RedHat 7.3 (all in one line):
>    rpm http://www-ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/apt redhat/7.3/en/i386
> planetedge
>    for RedHat 8.0 (all in one line):
>    rpm http://www-ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/apt redhat/8.0/en/i386
> planetedge
>    for RedHat 9 (all in one line):
>    rpm http://www-ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/apt redhat/9/en/i386
> planetedge
> (the mirrors will need a day or so to sync)
> b) apt-get update
> c) install the desired core components:
>    for the Planet CCRMA kernel and alsa drivers (all in one line):
>       apt-get -o RPM::Install-Options::=--oldpackage install
> planetccrma-core
>    or for multiprocessor machines (all in one line)
>       apt-get -o RPM::Install-Options::=--oldpackage install
> planetccrma-core-smp
>    for the capabilities enabled RedHat kernel (all in one line):
>       apt-get -o RPM::Install-Options::=--oldpackage install
> planetccrma-core-redhat
>    or (all in one line)
>       apt-get -o RPM::Install-Options::=--oldpackage install
> planetccrma-core-redhat-smp
> Caveats:
> * after testing that it works edit /boot/grub/grub.conf and make it the
> default kernel
> * when you first start the new alsa you may get errors when reloading
> your existing mixer configuration because the control names or locations
> may have changed since the last upgrade. If that happens you can use
> alsamixer (or gamix or qamix) to make sure the configuration is to your
> liking and store it again using "/usr/sbin/alsactl store". On the next
> alsa restart the configuration should load without problems. 
> Feedback welcome...
> Enjoy!
> -- Fernando
> PS: what's new???
> ---- Planet CCRMA kernel 2.4.22-6.ll[smp] ----
> * based on official 2.4.22 release
> * acpi is now part of the official kernel tree so I dropped the "acpi"
>   suffix. It is official now so probably all bugs are gone :-) As usual
>   you can disable acpi by adding "acpi=off" in the kernel boot line.
> This is the list of core patches, pretty much the same as for the older
> kernel:
> - capabilities patch
> - preemptible kernel patch
> - low latency patch (enabled through proc)
> - read latency tuning
> - desktop tuning 1 and 2
> - HZ=1000
> - drm updates from the redhat kernel
> - drm low latency patch
> - dma support for cdrom audio extraction
> - NEW: lm_sensors 2.6.5 kernel modules
> - NEW: nfs patches (2.4.22 was not very reliable in that respect)
> - NEW: usb fix for unicorn usb drivers
> I added the following drivers and fixes from RedHat, this should make
> the Planet CCRMA kernel a little bit more compatible with the RedHat
> kernel (caveat: this is untested as I don't have the hardware that
> requires it - the kernel builds and runs, that's it :-):
> - wvlan_cs driver
> - orinoco_old_cs driver
> - laptop battery improvements for Gericom/Advent laptops
> - generic drivers/addon infrastructure
> - dell megarac remote access cards driver
> - broadcom 5820 driver
> - iSCSI driver
> - cipe 1.4.5 kernel modules
> - qla2x00 driver
> - aep ssl accelerator card
> - feral qlogic driver
> - ecc reporting module
> - backport of the 2.5 edd feature to find the boot device
> ---- RedHat kernel 2.4.20-20.1.caps ----
> This is the latest release of the RedHat kernel with the capabilities
> patch added. 
> ---- ALSA driver 0.9.6-2.cvs ----
> New version of the ALSA drivers, based on ALSA CVS of 2003/08/25
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