Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Sep 4 11:39:02 2003

> What is the difference between the ALSA packages offered by PlanetCCRMA
> and other packages (say, Freshrpms)? Any supplemental patches?

I can only speak of my packages. They are based on CVS instead of the
normal "stable" alsa release cycle. Currently the packages in Freshrpms
are newer (I'm in the process of creating new ones along with a newer
kernel). I also include the alsa jack plugin in the build process, I
think Freshrpms does not do that as they don't host Jack. I would have
to check the Freshrpms packages to be able to answer in more detail. I
do have a slightly tweaked alsasound startup script that makes sure the
sequencer kernel module is loaded. 

> Is it possible to use the Freshrpms ALSA packages with a PlanetCCRMA
> kernel and JACK?

Yes and no. To be safe you would have to rebuild the alsa driver source
rpm to create a matching alsa-kernel package for the Planet CCRMA

-- Fernando