[PlanetCCRMA] X wierdness

David Gerard Matthews dgm4+@pitt.edu
Mon Sep 1 20:20:02 2003

Hello  again,
After a while without updates I installed RH9 + the Planet on my Linux 
box today.  I downloaded the iso's at school and then brought them home 
and  reinstalled from scratch.  Everything seems to work with the 
standard Red Hat kernel, but when I get some serious  weirdness when I 
try to run X with the Planet kernel.  Basically, X tries to start up, 
but with some bizarre screen artifacts, and then farts and dies.  It 
will do this three or four  times before it asks if I want to try to 
run the X configuration program.  I then run the program, and the same 
thing more or less happens.  X runs fine with a stock kernel; I haven't 
tried the RH + capability kernel yet.
My setup:  Athlon (T-Bird), VIA chipset, S3 Trio video card (AGP), 384 
I was trying to run the 2.4.21-1 kernel.
Thanks in advance,