[PlanetCCRMA] Echo Mia - Alsa Drivers

Eli Cantu eli@then7.com
Wed Oct 8 10:17:00 2003

Hello everyone out there in list land.

Here is my dilema:
I have an Echo Mia, sound card. It's not supported out of the box by alsa.

I found this page linked from Alsa's site:


It shows an Echo driver available, but you have to patch and compile Alsa. I've
done some compiling in the past, and I'm sure I could get this to compile and
work on a non-CCRMA setup.  I have no idea how I would replace the Alsa that
comes with CCRMA.

I'm out of my league at this point, but I thought I could do something like...
Take CCRMA's Alsa-driver source rpms, open them up, patch them with the
EchoaudioPatch_0.9.6.patch(from linked web site), then rebuild the RPM? Then
rpm -e --nodeps the original or possibly just rpm -Uvh over the top.

I dunno.

Comments welcome,

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