[PlanetCCRMA] Some apps not working correctly under ALSA?

Michael mikes@tbc.net
Sat Oct 4 19:20:01 2003

Thanks to all that replied :-)

Installing and running Qjackconnect certainly cleared up a lot of issues 
I was experiencing.

As for the MIDI... I guess I didn't explain myself well enough... When I 
run Kmidi, It plays
right through my Soundblaster, no problems, but when I try to use 
Rosegarden, it doesn't.


I was able to "patch" in Fluidsynth and hear the midi Rosegarden was 
playing. I can see that
Rosegarden is using the midi port, but how can I tell it to use the 
Soundblaster's soft synth?

Also, is there an ALSA patch for use with Xmms?


Fernando, and a bunch of helpful people wrote:

>Some Jack applications do not connect their outputs by default. You have
>to use a patcher for Jack and connect the outputs to the "outputs" of
>the soundcard. Use Qjackconnect or the patchbay in Qjackctl (you can use
>Qjackctl to run jack with a nice GUI). If you drive it through MIDI you
>have to also connect the MIDI source to the software synth, you could
>use Kaconnect for that. 
>>Rosegard shows MIDI playing on the meters as well, but I can't hear it 
>What are you using to render MIDI? Rosegarden will play MIDI but it
>needs to go somewhere (an external MIDI synth, a software midi player).
>I'm not a Rosegarden expert...