[PlanetCCRMA] Some apps not working correctly under ALSA?

Aaron Trumm aaron@nquit.com
Fri Oct 3 07:55:02 2003

> > Rosegard shows MIDI playing on the meters as well, but I can't hear it
> > either.
> Use kaconnect to hook the MIDI up to something. (Maybe...) ;-)

This may or may not be you, Mike, but nowadays some people expect to hear
midi files right at the sound card - but this is actually a relatively new
capability added to some soundcards

normally, you need a midi interface, you need to send the midi information
out of the computer (via the midi interface), over a midi cable, and to a
synth - the synth is the one generating audio :)  this is actually a
seperate issue than the sound card, and again it's only been sort of
recently that it was common for soundcards to have a midi interface built
in - really, it's two cards - if you don't have a midi cable somehow
connected to the computer, either directly or via some kind of breakout
cable, then expect not to hear midi :)

sorry if too basic

> > Which mixer to use with Alsa: Qamix, Alsamixer, Sound Mixer, Volume
> > Control? I seem to have no less than 4 mixers to choose from.
> Usually alsamixer for many sound cards. Not sure about yours.

for my built in sound card that I had before I got my HDSP, they all worked.
gamix seemed to be ok, qamix too - but I preferred alsa mixer - they don't
all work for all sound cards, I'm learning :)